Hare Krishna

I never intended to make this thing about God in either the singular or plural tenses, but India is so imbued with spirit, and being inclined that way anyway, that just seems to be what’s happening.

One of my traveling rules is to always say “yes” to invitations, and so far it hasn’t let me down. In the past yes has taken me on an elephant ride, to a torch festival and feasting on bugs and mare’s milk. Last night I ended up at a Hare Krishna kirtan. So how to describe? They sort of struck me as the holy rollers of Hinduism, but a lot more fun as there were all the good parts–dancing, clapping, drumming and chanting without the scary preachers damning you to a fiery hell if you aren’t saved.

I started to wonder why Buddhism and Hinduism are both so appealing to me when I have such a hard time with so many other organized religions. Am I a case of reverse snobbism?

Then their guru started talking and I realized that there really is something different here. There’s no push to convert. No condemnation of other faiths. In fact, it’s the opposite. To summarize–and simplify the teaching last night: the point of this life and the way to happiness is to be true to our own inner nature and to connect with God. It doesn’t matter how we get there. It can be through Jesus or Mohammad, the earth mother, or nature spirits. The important thing is to find a path and follow it. And, of course, the vibrational power of chanting can open the way. Probably so. An amazing energy does happen with sound. It reminded me of the day I walked through the Mawphlang sacred forest and the entire earth seemed to buzz with the vibration of insects and birds. Last night felt the same, some sort of energy happened in that room with the drums and music, the chanting hare krishna. Must all be the voice of God.


4 thoughts on “Hare Krishna

  1. Hi Jordan,
    Julia’s mom here. Julia
    is forwarding your writings to me and it is wonderful to be a part of
    your adventure’s!
    I can see how you love being there! Thank you for sharing the love of
    what you are doing and are experiencing! I feel like I am there too!
    Blessings, Shirly

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