Places we call home

San Francisco always feels like coming home to me. I lived here 20 years ago, but I come back often. There are old friends to catch up with, and old familiar feelings.

I’ve always felt like I have a special, intimate secret relationship with San Francisco. So much time walking its streets from the Marina to Noe Valley. And the park. All the parks, not just Golden Gate, but the green sanctuaries throughout the neighborhoods. I can always find a place to be alone in the city. When I lived in North Beach, I used to follow the steps to the top of the hill, then down a path where a secluded bench overlooked the Bay Bridge.

Lately, I’ve been haunting museums. From the avatars of Sanjay Patal (more on him later) to a pre-Raphaelite exhibit at the Legion of Honor, there’s so much here. There are also Japanese Folk singers in Ft. Mason and tea tasting at Vital Tea Leaf.

I love living alone on a hilltop, but at heart, I’m a city girl. This is where I’m most comfortable–feeling anonymous on city streets.

What is your favorite place to escape to?


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