I love the skies in Lassen County. When night settles over the high
desert like cool silk, with no distracting lights, millions of stars
are strewn like grains of rice across the black expanse.

Sometimes the Milky Way looks like a solid slash of white paint stretching as
far as the eye can see. It’s a beautiful time.

The wind that so often, stirs up a ruckus quiets a bit and the only sound becomes the rustling of night animals in the brush and maybe the low wail of
a coyote.

Then there are the morning clouds, brawny and colorful, crowding out
the sun and mountaintops. If colors could sing, their song would be
cacophonous, no gentle melody like melting stars.


9 thoughts on “Clouds

    • Actually it was sunrise! I was out there in my pajamas shooting photos, but no way you could know if it was morning or night. We do have some nice sunsets here, but but often around 5-6 a.m., the sunrises are spectacular.

      • Nice to hear that it was sunrise. I usually am more drawn to the sunrise than the sunset. It’s full of promise. And I like to get up early anyway.

  1. You’re right Jordan, everything you described are gifts in a land that can be hard to find gifts in unless you’re actively looking for them. Thanks for the reminder to look for them wherever we are. TAB

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