Renewal. Rebirth. Reinvention.

Sometimes changes are easy. More often they come about only because it’s too painful not to change. Even when I’ve felt they’ve been forced on me, eventually, I usually see it was my own actions that brought them about.

The theme of the DP Challenge-the weekly photo challenge–this week was renewal, so it got me thinking about what that means for me. A memory that keeps coming back is from about a year ago. I was having my first real bout of culture shock after a couple months in India. I remember taking a day to just stay inside, watch old movies on TV, paint my toenails and drink tea. The next morning I got up early and walked to the Aurobindo Institute. There was a large, empty room where I practiced tai chi. Then I walked out onto the grounds. This was one a place I could be in nature, usually alone. I laid on the ground and stared up at the bamboo trees. I watched dragonflies skimming across the pond. Water has always soothed me and I thought about all the times I’ve laid on grass and stared up at trees or clouds, or turned over and rested on my elbows to watch insects and butterflies hover over bushes and flowers.

These photos are from that day.




4 thoughts on “Renewal

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  2. I agree there’s something calming about bamboo. I wonder what it is. Nature is so curious sometimes.

    But oh, that dragonfly. Beautiful!

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