I’ve always thought of myself as a writer more than a photographer. In fact, for years I wouldn’t own a camera because I thought it separated me from the experience.

I began photography first because I needed photos to sell my articles, but I continued because I fell in love with it. Behind the lens I can define the world in a different way. I can capture it in a frame, put it on the computer, cut and enhance. I look for metaphors in images, and I like to zoom in and pull back, look at the world close up, then far away.

Although my preference is for documentary photography and portraits of people, it’s the natural world where I find inspiration. I like to photograph clouds, rocks and oddly shaped leaves.

Maybe the camera does separate me from the world in some ways,  but it’s also an opportunity to see things in a different way.

These photo was taken at Mawphlang Sacred Forest in Meghalaya, India, one of the most inspiring places I’ve been, a green place where the songs of insects are loud as a buzz saw and even the sun looks green.



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