Weekly photo challenge: surprise


This week’s DP photo challenge was “surprise,” which is something there’s no lack of as every day there seems to be something that surprises me. This morning it was the snow, almost two feet of it now on the ground and it continues to shoot out of the sky, more like arrows than gently drifting flakes.

Snow in the Sierra-Cascades

Snow in the Sierra-Cascades

Over the past year, these are a few of the surprises that stand out for me:

The Fly Geyser in the Black Rock Desert. This small geothermal geyser sits on a private ranch in the Black Rock Desert and can only be visited through special arrangements. I was able to go out with Friends of  Black Rock/High Rock. The surprise of Fly Geyser is it was an accident, a combination of natural phenomenon and human intervention. A well was dug there in 1916 and functioned normally until the 1960s when the hot water began escaping to the surface. Dissolved minerals starting accumulating, creating the mound on which the geyser sits. The many different minerals give it its stunning colors. They geyser has several terraces and water constantly spews from it. The day I was there was overcast, and I’ve heard the colors are even more stunning in certain light, but I was grateful to have been given the opportunity to hike out there and spend some time in this amazing place.

Fly Gyser Black Rock Desert

Fly Gyser Black Rock Desert

Since much of last year was spent in India, it seemed that every day was filled with surprise. One of my favorite ones, how to keep dry while riding in the back of a pickup during a downpour:

Keeping dry

Keeping dry

And, of course, the living bridges outside Cherapunjee. These bridges are made from the roots of an Indian rubber tree and may take generations to “grow” before they can be usable, but these bridges connect the small villages at the bottom of a steep ravine.

Living Bridges

Living Bridges

And finally a more recent one. Driving through the mountains a while back I passed a herd of about 200 antelope running in a field alongside the highway.

Antelope by highway

Antelope by highway

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12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: surprise

  1. Antelope are certainly the most delightful surprise… but may all of your surprises be pleasant, and learning experiences, and may the new year bring happiness and sustenance and the love of friends.

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