Weekly photo challenge: beyond

I’ve written about this place before–an empty road that cuts across the Smoke Creek and Black Rock deserts. Once there were towns here. Settlements in the early 1900s, even a resort where people came from San Francisco to visit. Purser. Spoonville. Amedee. And before that, this valley has been inhabited for thousands of years by nomadic tribes who followed the food supply.

It gets hot here in the summer, but this was taken about a week ago, in winter. It was cold and rainy, but the clouds parted for about 20 minutes just after dawn and I took this picture. Those are the Skedaddle Mountains behind. I love that name.

The road to Wendel

The road to Wendel

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13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: beyond

  1. I’ve always loved that name too: Skedaddle Mtns. I really like the photo. It looks like a road to nowhere, as so many of our roads appear, but nowhere is relative. Somebody’s always out there.

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  3. I have little or no experience with this kind of “West” but I’m drawn to it. All the names are wonderful, and the sense of space, that’s the best. I’ve been thinking this morning about a trip I took to southern Utah and the “Beyond” Photo Challenge – the open landscapes express the notion of beyond so well.

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