Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love. Now that’s a nebulous topic. How can love be defined? It’s not the same for everyone. I’m not sure I always know what it is.

I like to think of love as something that lifts us out of ourself. It doesn’t matter who we love, a friend, child, lover, an animal. But we recognize it for the rare gift it is.

IMG_0038 eng-akahtribes-101_595 OctoberZ&D 169


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

  1. …..Love is define as intense feeling of kind and tenderness, towards the person you care for; and it varries from person to person ; relation to relation………
    ‘Oh. Lover love is not blind, you are blinded by it when you go on feeling”

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  3. Interesting post. I think that love is a natural state of living beings that does not vary in it’s pure nature. However, it can be obscured as you stated through misguided self interest . As a side note to that, I make that claim based on the idea that if I accepted the idea that it varied I might be in an embarrassing position of claiming that my own love is somehow better than someone elses. As an alternative view I would suggest the idea that true love in it’s unobscurred state is universal and that it manifests or varies according to the presentation that it engages with in the external world. I simply want to avoid the idea that my own true nature is superior to anyone elses.

    • Robert–Nice comment. I like the idea that love in its “unobscurred state” is universal and manifests according to the way it needs to engage with the outside world. Thanks!

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