Weekly photo challenge: change





Turkey vulture on Richmond Road


Sometimes the weekly photo challenge strikes a chord. When I saw this one on change, I thought of the turkey vultures I saw last week, a sure sign of spring on the high desert.

It seems a little ironic that these carrion eaters are symbols of spring and re-birth, but then, again, maybe that’s appropriate. Any change necessitates a death of sorts.

Vulture Peak, Madhya Pradesh, India

Vulture Peak, Madhya Pradesh, India

Vultures are considered the most Buddha-like of all birds. Some of the Buddha’s most important teachings, including the Heart Sutra and the Lotus Sutra, are said to have been first given at Vulture Peak.

Waiting for dead flesh

Waiting for dead flesh

I like turkey vultures. Once I passed a tree with a dozen or so of them perched in the branches, like black ornaments on a Christmas tree, waiting for a wounded deer to die.

Change. Spring. Rebirth and death. We’re always changing, always dying, only to be reborn again and again.

Griddhraj Parvat, Vulture Peak

Griddhraj Parvat, Vulture Peak


5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: change

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  2. Love this 🙂 Especially the ‘waiting for dead flesh’. Makes you think, doesn’t it – wouldn’t it be awful to be a creature with an inclination ONLY for already-killed. Great pictures, & I enjoyed what you wrote.

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