The signs on Doobie Road

This week’s weekly photo challenge , the sign says, brought these to mind.

blackrck3These days most people, when they think of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, think of the scorching spot of desert where thousands come from around the world to celebrate art and irreverence at Burning Man. For about a week, at the end of summer, the Black Rock Desert becomes the second largest city in Nevada.

Near the site of Burning Man is Doobie Road, which has become rechristened Guru Road in recent time. Although,  signs and sculptures  have been added over time, it was not begun by a “burner.” The original philosopher of Doobie Road was DeWayne “Doobie” Williams, born in 1918 and died in 1995, a local resident who loved the Black Rock.

blkrock4I don’t go to Burning Man, but sometimes during the winter when the days are cool, I take the dirt road through the Smoke Creek to the Black Rock and visit Doobie Road, walk along the deserted railroad tracks and have lunch at Brunos.

During the rest of the year, when Burning Man isn’t happening, the desert is usually empty. Hunters might hunt antelope. The Friends of Black Rock/High Rock act as custodians of sorts and arrange camp outs and hikes throughout the year.

Something about this piece of rock and sand seems to speak to loners like Doobie who felt compelled to leave his mark here on this trail alongside the highway. Something about it compels me as well.


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15 thoughts on “The signs on Doobie Road

  1. Very interesting. I have been fascinated by pictures I’ve seen of the ‘burning man’ festival, though I didn’t really understand it… I have to tell you that it is quite difficult for me to read the writing on your new background.

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  3. I love your photos
    I’ve never Known about the “burning man”, thank you for the information, I wiil try to follow your link
    and thank you for the trackback..

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