Buzzards sit
in the branches
of an oak
Each one to
its own perch
like black
ornaments on
this mockery
of a Christmas tree
So patiently they wait
for the wounded
deer to die

The old raven
sits on a post
along Cowboy Joe Highway
missing tail feathers
make him teeter
as he stares
with eyes
hard as pebbles
across the frozen

Power lines
liquid fire
that snakes
through the air
one day
an eagle
to be vigilant
and lands
bursting into flames


4 thoughts on “Birds

  1. Striking images, words and photos. I’m really struck by the way the crows in the last photo become 2 dimensional, and the whole composition is like a flat Japanese ink painting. Just beautiful shapes…

    • Thank you. That was one of those photos that seemed to come together by accident. A friend of mine did an etching of it with a Hindu temple in the background. It came out very cool.

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