Rain always makes me feel nostalgic. I was a child who loved thunder and danced in downpours.

When I went to India I was happy to arrive during monsoon season, and I wasn’t disappointed.
The rain gave new meaning to the word deluge. It poured. It danced. It galloped over the roof of the my cottage at St. Anthony’s College. Sometimes it seemed to be screaming and tossing nails at the roof. It was nature at her theatrical best.


These photos were taken one afternoon in Laitumkhrah neighborhood, Shillong, Meghalaya. I was caught in a downpour and took shelter in front of an ice cream store.



11 thoughts on “Nostalgic

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  5. I remember walks to school in the rain – rubber boots to challenge all the puddles with. And if it was a warm rain during the summer it meant bathing suits in the front yard. Ahh, the nostalgia posts …

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