Minor Satoris

Sometimes I think life is just a series of minor satoris. Little enlightenments. Epiphanies. Insights to some small thing that might be happening. It’s so hard to make sense of things sometimes. The dramas and jostling of egos. Mine included.

And then one day I step back and all the jostling disappears. It could be something simple. A spider on the wall. A dust devil swirling across the desert. But it’s enough to bring me back to the moment.

These small moments add up over the years and make us who we are. How we act in every day life and how we react when something heavy comes up. It all matters.

Can it always be forgiven?

Monday I was returning home from a walk and was stopped by a rattlesnake coiled in the middle of the driveway. It rattled its tail at me, a dry, chilling sound. A dangerous sound. Yet, I respect the rattlesnake and the warning it gives.

Tuesday night I dreamed of two deer standing in the same place as the rattler. They stared at me with a gentle gaze, an unusual sight out here in the sagebrush.

I thought about Blake’s lion and the lamb. Is danger experience? Two deer grazing innocence?

Or is it none of that? Maybe it’s just the desert.


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